I asked 12 of the world's leading video marketing experts...

"How Did You Use Video Marketing To Build Your Six Figure Business...?? "

Go On... Tell Me What You Did...?!

From the desk of Justin Teoh Here’s the deal. I went out and got the foremost authorities on video marketing. I grilled them by asking them a question which practically FORCED them to give the best, most beneficial methods for video marketing ever. That’s because I made each one answer this question…. “How Did You Use Video Marketing To Build Your Six Figure Business…??” The good news: I recorded each of these interviews and made them immediately downloadable in mp3 format. Now they can be yours for an investment so small, it will make your jaw drop. More on that in a moment. First, let me introduce you to the experts…

James Watson

His latest product launch made over $200,000 thanks to a high converting video sales letter! James_Watson In this interview he reveals:

  • Why video has been the most important element of his online success (4:18)
  • Why video sales letters are “killer” when it comes to getting conversions (5:00)
  • The fastest way that you can build an online business using videos (7:30)
  • How videos can be used to generate more traffic (9:30)
  • A very simple, powerful yet virtually unknown SEO strategy using YouTube (10:00)
  • What makes a  good video (11:00)
  • The only way to get better at videos (15:00)
  • Why it’s ok to make videos that suck (15:00)
  • The best free/paid software to make videos(16:30)
  • Just how simple it is to create a Video Sales Letter using free OR paid software (18:00)
  • Just how simple it is to create High Value Information Products using free OR paid software (19:30)
  • Product creation and Sales Process
  • Exclusive tip on how to  use video to impress and build solid, personal relationships with your clients (21:30)
  • A revelation about leveraging video to maximise the efficiency of your business (22:00)
  • Here is a sneek peek of the interview where James reveals why it’s ok to make videos that suck!


Sarah Staar

Founded a specialist video production company that runs TV stations of the Internet… in spite of having zero formal qualifications.  who quietly makes money on the internet whilst doing SEO consultancy and running a video production business. Sarah’s latest venture is her own Internet TV station. Sarah StaarSarah reveals

  • the best niche to get into (6:30)
  • How the hell to get people onto a list (11:30)
  • Reveals the YouTube Loophole secret to get loads of traffic (12:00)
  • How she created a buyers list using video (14:00)
  • Warrior Forum Special Offers Tactic (16:00)
  • Why people who just use email are at such a disadvantage compared to video when doing joint ventures (20:00)
  • Why videos are such a powerful way to building Social Proof (20:00)
  • How videos can help viewers (authority site) (google) view your website/blog as an authority site (21:00)
  • Underground Amazingly effective strategy that bucks the trend video reviews (22:00)
  • How she built a six figure business (26:00)
  • The Best way for someone starting out today to make money Quick Way To Make Money With Video – Cool Strategy to make a couple of Grand Really quickly – Golden Nugget (26:30)
  • Great tip which will allow you to create professional looking videos using free software so that they are no different to videos made with the expensive videos even if you can’t afford to buy the real thing (27:30)
  • How to produce high quality video products using free videos .
  • WSO Secrets (32:20)
  • Why videos are so important because social media have changed the rules of marketing – Her views on the future – social proof, comments, testimonials, how do you know it’s real? (33:20)
  • Why you need to get involved in online video because of the power of mobile video (36:00)
  • The best advice for anyone starting out, without any experience with cameras or videos etc.  (37:00)
  • Where most people go wrong with video (37:00)
  • The best way you can learn online (39:00)


  • NOTES FOR DOWNLOAD PAGE: In The Process Of Creating Her Own Video Marketing Product
  • Part one: how to make videos
  • Part two: how to make money from it
  • Organise an affiliate link and Banner for DL page

Phill Turner

Phill Turner is the Master of Traffic!  He’s been able to release 3 products in x amount of months.  When we did this interview, here’s what he shared…

  • His secret to overcoming his fears of blabbering on and looking like an idiot when he started filming his first ever videos (4:45)
  • The realities of videos (6:00)
  • The only way to get better at your videos (7:00)
  • Why video is always a part of your internet marketing business.
  • Why you’re always going to have to deal with Video Marketing at some stage (8:00)
  • Great advice on equipment $10 webcam
  • The best way to use a HD camera
  • How to get some serious Video filming kit for next to nothing (10:44)
  • A detailed blueprint of how he made his very first video product in the niche of Yoga (11:20)
  • $100 worth of equipment  to make $1000’s
  • Leveraged video and $10 worth of equipment to make a product that’s still making him money now to this day – get a high quality product (FIND OUT HOW MUCH HE MADE FROM THIS PRODUCT!!)
  • Why video products are better than written ebook products etc (13:00)
  • What you need to do to make money from video marketing (14:00)
  • Why it’s so important to pick your weapon wisely when going for traffic (16:00)
  • Why it’s so important to make your videos specifically target exactly the customer that you want.
  • The steps you need to take to start marketing (18:00)
  • The easiest way to give value to your customer in a video about your product/business (18:30) (Review)
  • Why it’s some important to come from a business stand point BEFORE doing your videos
  • How videos can really help you build that deeper connection with your list.  What’s so good about this is the more your list trusts you, the more likely they are to buy your product. (22:00)
  • Why videos are so important for the “New Internet” now that the old internet is dead – what’s so good about this is that the old rules of marketing no longer apply(22:00)
  • Why video reviews are so effective (23:00)

Tom Breeze

Helping entrepreneurs harness the power of online video for their own success and for the rapid growth of their business. Over the last 7 Years he’s been teaching people how to present and speak in public and now he’s helping entrepreneurs harness…

    * Reveals how he used video to increase his conversions by 300% 

  • * Why social media has changed the rules – Return on relationship over return on investment
  • * why video is essential in the new internet – why the bad old days of the internet are over and video is now so important
  • * word of mouth
  • * complete game changer –
  • * the important of videos in the battle between the good guys and the bad guys
  • * Social media (facebook, twitter, video) has levelled the playing field – it is a complete game changer – if you can learn the new rules and how to do it, be yourself and naturally be yourself – that’s where the success is
  • * Video is so important – it’s a NEED rather than a WANT – video exposes them – the power of online video
  • * bombardment of information – short attention span means that people don’t want to read copy – video appeals
  • * Why a good video will consistently beats sales copy at engaging and conversions (13:00)
  • * Why even videos that AREN’T on your squeeze page will also help with conversions
  • * Cisco – in 3 years time 90% of the data on the internet will be video
  • * YouTube has 1 billion subscribers – facebook only has 500 million
  • * 273,000 years worth of video was uploaded to YouTube ALONE in JUST the US in 2010
  • * If you’re not on video you’re going to be left behind
  • * Reveals the best camera to get started with
  • * Reveals how easy it is to get started – why it’s not such a good idea to go down to the studio – why it’s good to have home videos
  • * Best piece of advice for people just starting out
  • * Top tip for editing out little mistakes (20:00)
  • * An amazing formula to make the best converting squeeze pages (20:30)
  • * Great tips for lighting, camera and microphones (23:00)
  • * How to create a professional set up for lighting, camera and microphones for less than $500 with high quality videos
  • The 7 Ninja Tactics for Presenting
  • * 1. Be yourself – maintain your integrity – that’s what people are going to connect with – people can tell who you are (Gary Vaynerchuck
  • * 2. Recording – be comfortable with letting people into your life – why it’s so powerful to let people into your life
  • * 3. Wake Your Audience Up – before they start to watch – tell them why your video is so damn powerful – so they sit up, listen to what you say and get
  • * 4. Reveal Stuff As You Go – don’t tell people from the very beginnning
  • * Why presenting on video is a different game to presenting on the stage. (33:00)
  • * 5. Have music – makes it feel professional – uses and engages more of the viewers sense (anchor) – blanks out background noise that can’t be edited out.
  • * How to get viewers to remember you really clearly
  • * 6. Have Two Cameras – multi camera shoots – quick cutaway – more engaging for the viewer – or one camera zoon in or zoom out – black and white –
  • * Simple editing techniques How to engage with the viewers (43:00)
  • * 7. How to make clear Call to actions – sign up here – leave your comments below – click the like button – click the retreat button – leave a comment and like this video (44:30)
  • * How to get videos that go viral vs educational ones (44:00) over 10,000 views = viral video
  • ADVICE (46:00)
  • Get started – get used to video
  • – Why he changed his views on the Best length for a video (47:30)
  • – optin video less than 1.5 minute – depends on quality of the content – people are now ready to listen to 1/2 hours worth of videos – things are changing – birth of internet tv – people are now willing to sit down and invest a little bit more of their time as long as you’re giving away brilliant content
  • – high priced products will have longer videos – educational videos can be a bit longer than normal.
  • – quick tip = 2 minutes
  • * how to get people to stay watching your 30 minute video (52:00) – reveal whiteboard with post it notes – spell something out – flip charts – let people know that there’s more to come – cut videos up into 6 parts of 10 minutes etc – if you want to find out more go to blog to for full video or click this annotation for the next video
  • * tricks of the trade for editing out mistakes – the best way to edit out mistakes (55:00)
  • * why vulnerabilities are so good (58:00)
  • * be surprised by how much people really appreciate a video
  • * Great way of getting people back to your website (1:01:00)
  • * hand brake – how to get high quality videos at low size – seemlessly – better viewing experience – syndicate it – give info and tips insights – no sales – add your logo/website to the bottom
  • * long tail analysis – keyword research – reverse keyword research – video seo – get to the first page in Google in less than 24 hours!!!! (1:03:00)
  • CONVERSION (1:08:00)
  • * Best way to get conversions – call to actions – what you’re going to send them
  • * best way to launch videos
  • * create more videos about the launch (1:15:00)
  • * Describe the wants – this is specifically for you
  • * great strategy for launch
  • * how to make a video and how to make it really cool
  • * how to become a great presenter, being yourself on camera – being comfortable to be yourself
  • * how to generate huge amounts of traffic
  • * how to get that traffic to convert into huge amounts of leads, prospects, customers and clients.

Zed Shah

Former Social worker makes lots of money. Lost his business during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and bounced back to create a Click Bank number one product Humble beginnings Tshirt selling website – in 3 weeks started earning a full time income – generated his first XXX leads Skype account is the who’s who of internet marketing Behind some of the biggest product launches today

    * Generating Traffic – Youtube 2 billion views a day (12:00) 

  • * (Set up sales funnel first)
  • * The truth about video sales pages (15:00)
  • * The trick to see what works – testing (16:00)
  • * The most important thing about video – keyword research – how are people going to watch your video if they can’t find it –
  • * How to find out the hot topics what people want to watch and what will get you loads of views – (17:30)
  • * how to set up your video to get the MOST free traffic possible (19:30)
  • * the ideal amount of time for a video (19:30)
  • * How to optimize it
  • * how to get free traffic straightaway – top secret thing that no one else does – exclusive – his biggest secret – hidden gem – he shares his biggest secret that no one else knows about
  • * his exclusive blueprint system to get unlimited traffic
  • * how to convert it all of this traffic
  • * how to get over your fears – break your barriers and get out of your comfort zone – for presenting your videos
  • * what most people are interested in with your videos
  • * how to use your higher purpose to get a massive YT channel
  • * The biggest secret to coming across as natural – you’ll be surprised when you hear the answer (32:00)
  • * the formula for presentation videos (34:00)
  • * How to make all of these strategies work! (39:00)

William Debauchez

Airline Pilot uses video marketing to grow his online business  – The Digital Coach – Now has 5 full time employees – Systems – Automation

  • * How video can speed up the growth of your business (3:30)
  • * The best way to start with videos, efficient, simplest and effective way (5:00)
  • * Solution to overcome the problem of presenting (6:30)
  • * How to build an auto cue with an iPad (7:30)
  • * The trends for videos –
  • * The most important things for creating professional looking videos.
  • * How to edit on greenscreen. Special effects etc – How simple it is
  • * how to set up lighting etc for everything
  • * Cheaper/cost effective alternatives to green screen (15:00)
  • * THe most important thing about videos MORE IMPORTANT than video quality – The ONE investment that you CANNOT skimp on
  • * Why you should shoot in SD rather than HD – secret tip – contrary to what most people think (20:00)
  • * How to compress the videos to the proper size
  • * the perfect standards to use for online video
  • * Advanced tips
  • * How to edit things – (28:00)
  • * secret that converts WAY better (inspiring music)
  • * Secrets for hosting your videos – cheap hosting
  • * Easy S3
  • * The TRUTH about video syndication – Why he doesn’t use video syndication any more
  • * The best place to put your videos for traffic… and you’ll be surprised at the result.
  • * how to save time getting setting –

Daniel Wagner

Used video to make $15,000 in one hour and some of his videos generate 20-30 optins per day

    * How to create a compelling call to action that well get your viewers to do anything you want them to do 

  • * Sneaky trick to keep your traffic
  • * Youtube strategies
  • * The exact tactics that Boyce Avenue used to get millions of fans and become a touring band JUST using the power of marketing on YouTube
  • * A tip to capitalise on your viral videos that most people don’t know!
  • * How to use YT just like FB
  • * little used/sneaky tips/youtube strategies
  • * captions – how to get international audiences
  • * how to get cheap views from promoting it.
  • * strategy for converting offers
  • * automation – tube toolbox.com
  • * syndication – YT 900 pound gorilla – other unknown websites to get out of the thing. * one nugget of gold – gary halpert and frank kern – relief – how to make the sales process as easy as possible – sales happen when you are clearer on the offer sales – clear offer, tell them what it will do for them, then tell them how to get it * underestimate what you can do in mid-term and over-estimate what you can do in the short term * stick to it and it will work * The most imporatnt thing you need to know – What you need to know to make Video Marketing your ticket to freedom (stick to it – don’t dabble)

Andrew Lock

Number oine show for Entrpreneurs on Itunes – Number one of 10’s of thousands of shows. Went from former TV camera operator to… Went from behind the camera and producing the shows to being in front of the camera WebTV

    * WebTV is the latest Gold Rush – early days – huge growth area 

  • * how not to struggle with those areas that aren’t natural strengths of yours
  • * new television sets now have internet connectivity – internet TV is going to be huge – new tvs are pulling in webtv shows – from this point onwards, everything’s changed –
  • * why internet TV is now here to stay – you have the ability to create and broadcast niche topics – soemthing you can’t do on networks or cable and satelite – people resonate with niches – why webTV is becoming so popular so fast
  • * The biggest thing to getting over his fear of getting in front of the camera
  • * how he was able to be himself and to be natural and share his own opinions – no need to be nervous – it’s just a conversation
  • * skill that can be learned
  • * gives his blueprint of his journey starting with a few viewers until it gained traction
  • * 6 months the snowball effect kicked in – growth accelerated – regularity of the show
  • * WebTV – put a show on and it can be viewed for years
  • * why a youtube channel or your show is so powerful (why there’s no better way) to get your prospects to know, like and trust you – leveraging your old videos – to get clients and prospects to know like and trust you – they see you, they hear you, they get to know you – “People you’ve never met before come up to you and say ‘I feel like I know you'”
  • * It’s amazing the power of WebTV
  • * People obsess about the equipment/lighting etc – reality is you JUST NEED A CAMERA – you can create a really good show with the Cheapest Camera – better to be prolific than perfect.
  • * The most important things are lighting and sound – overlooked – important to peoples perception of the show – how to instantly raise the light level of the room that you are recording in –
  • * Two really simple tips that are overlooked by most people that can really make your videos very awesome
  • * the most imporant thing is to get something done – not to obsess about the equipment/finer details
  • * Overlooking leveraging word of mouth – leveraging a great call to action at the end of their videos, – actively encourage people to pass the video to their friends if they like it, leave a comment or to send it to a friend – word of mouth best form of recommendation and the best form of traffic
  • * Why most people overlook the best form of getting the best traffic
  • * Why he recommends any business have their own webTV show (it’s the best way to stand out from the crowd, best way to get noticed – gets you a celebrity status and recognition in a niche)
  • * having that internal belief that what you’re doing is the right thing, that you will stick with it over time and enjoy the process as you do it – it should be enjoyable, it should be fun and it can fun
  • * the advice to keep going – the fact that he wanted to do it, that he was happy to do it without being paid for it – is it something that you’re so passionate about that you’d do it anyway without being paid for it
  • * the ultimate guide to creating and profiting from your webTV show



Tell Maria and Mike that I’d interviewed Andrew and that he’d recommended I interview them

Ben Lowrey

Guitarist/band member who made a 6 figure guitar lesson website
Leveraged the internet to teach thousands rather than one to one – created a product – youtube to promote his guitar lesson products

  • * why you don’t even have to be on camera to be successful at video marketing – slide shows, get someone else to present for you.
    * How to get rid of the resistance to getting in front of the camera (10:00)
    * Where you need to come from to be awesome/natural in front of the camera – so that nothing will be able to stop you
    * 2 things you need to genuinely communicate a message – what it is and a desire to communicate it 12:00
    * why video helps with conversion – you can’t copy it – why ben like’s video is that you can’t come along and pretend to be him – it’s authentic – it’s a great way of building rapport for obvious reasons
    * blog article, written text – no human connection
    * on camera, build a rapport, like you and trust you.
    * being real, congruent, authentic – the best conversion – you can’t fake or deliver a fake service – it’s not sustainable – people will find out – it’s not a way of doing things
    * best way to do things is to be proper
    * it’s ok to be on camera because there should be nothing to hide
    * why it’s pointless to invest in HD cameras (19:00)
    * Why you don’t need to know how to edit your videos
    * Best way to do good videos (throwaway videos)
    * the quickest and easiest way to create videos that your viewers will LOVE (doing it as quick and easy as possible)
    * do things in a way that suits your personality
    * horses for courses – how to get loads of views even in your underwear –
    * how to make videos easily –
    * follow your instinct –
    * the most important thing for you to succeed in video… and to be happy…
    * the questions that you need to ask yourselves BEFORE you start filming – what do people want, what do people need, what are people frustrated about, how can I help them, how can help them solve their problems, what have I got that I can deliver to the world that can help them
    * The RIGHT questions to ASK YOURSELF before – so your inner guidance can lead you to the right –
    * if you know what you’ve got is good – then your doing your prospects a disservice by NOT getting their contacts, delivering them useful opportunities and helping them with what they need
    * if an entrepreneur feels guilty about selling, then they don’t feel that their product will help people – they aren’t clear that they deliver value – back yourself – don’t be worried about hustling your list
    * why you need to keep at your list –
    * need to be in a market that is authentic to you – you gotta be
    * what you need to get in place BEFORE
    * How to get FREE FUEL that will fire your videos which will make you genuinely enthusiastic about making videos.   you won’t need effort, discipline or motivation to do these things because you genuinely want to do it, your excited
    * Biggest piece of advice – there is no shortage of ways to get rich on the internet – if you want to use video marketing you can definitely get rich (that isn’t the question)
    * follow their inspiration and their path – THE MOST Profitable market – God’s SatNav – points towards whatever is the most enjoyable to you.
    * Why what you were taught in school is the exact opposite when it comes to video
    * How to find that inspired state of mind that will get them into the Free Fuel – what gets you into a good mood –
    Our life is holistic –  4/

Carl Vanderpal

15 years of experience.  The most famous guy that no one’s even seen (if you know his customers, you will definitely know him)

    “Discover how you can go from a YT newbie to an Authority in 5 Easy Steps”
    * Dirty little secrets that the Guru’s don’t want you to know about
    * He ranked his video on the first page of Google in 6 Minutes
    * How he got 9 listings on the front page of Google with one Video – owned the first 5 pages – 37 listings
    * Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world – bigger than Yahoo!, bigger than Bing! – people type in their problems into youtube.com “How to fix a leaky toilet”
    * people are now searching for solutions on YouTube 

    * 1.  Keyword research
    * 2.  Find An Offer – Ideas
    * 3.  Creat A Video
    * 4. Drive Traffic (To Your Video & Site)
    * 5.  Build Authority FAST with Friends & Subsribers
    * Tools & Resources that you can use and starting straight away
    * 2 Billion Views Per Day* 24 Hours Of Content Uploaded EVery Minute (One day of YT has more stuff than all the movies ever made)* 70% Of Visits are OUTSIDE of USE* Article Marketing Competition = 16,000,000* Video Marketing Competition = 16,000
    Find competitive terms but rank for video – now is the golden time
    * 69% of users watch or download videos
    * Sales letters have been replaced by the “video salesletter”
    * The universal search now means that videos rank on SEO
    * Conversions are increased by over 100% using video
    What Do The Trends Say?
    * Video Marketing is stronger than Article Marketing
    * Indexed in Minutes (even seconds)
    * Higher Click Through Rates vs Text Results
    * First Page Rankings Quicker & Easier (
    * Way less competition vs Article Marketing
    * Video is live in minutes – get results now – don’t need to wait for editors to approve – don’t have to jump through the hoops
    * Monetize a blog/website – lead capturing –
    * Video Manuals (“How To”)
    * Freelance work – how to help local businesses
    * Local video SEO
    * FAQ videos
    * Case Studies
    * Video Testimonials
    * Seminars/Webinars – create a product for the sales funnel
    * Presell video for a product/service – building an early bird list
    * Old Way – SEO – Backlinks – Writing Articles – 3-6 Months
    * New Way – Upload Video – Build authority back to your channel – less backlinks (piggy backing off YT’s authority) – SEO Ptimized in minutes – 1-2 days to get into the top results
    * How you can get the same results that it takes articles 3-6 months to get in 1-2 days with higher click through rates
    * Max 2 results per site for search engine –
    * How you can literally floor your competition
    * he had top affiliate marketers emailing him asking him “how did you do that!?”
    *** More Than 1 Listing — (45:35) *** Screenshot
    YouTube Keyword Tool – it will tell you what people are searching for – “a powerful yet little known tool – how to spy on your opposition” – find out what people are seraching for – POWERFUL – the best way to find out what videos people want to watch – you can never have the excuse of knowing what product or service or niche etc literally tells you what people are seraching for so you can make videos (1:00:00)
    * how to find a product to sell – trigger ideas to apply their knowledge RIGHT NOW!
    * Content – how to make videos – resources
    * driving traffic
    * best way to piggy back on other people’s traffic
    * how to get torrents of traffic
    * the easiest way to get backlinks and increase your channels page ranking
    5 step process to become an instant youtube authority – how to build authority fast! The most underground and sneakiest way to build your authority FAST!
    *** Secret Hidden Way To Suck Guru’s Authority & PageRank1:22:00 – no follow
    Tools & Resources 1:24:00
    How he got a fishing business in the remotess part of Australia to rank up the top for google – tripled their leads coming in every month – video is used to convert
    One client made $2000 in an afternoon off some free advice from Carl
    How he gets over his hurdles
    How to get results – do the things you are passionate about THAT ALSO gets results.

Gideon Shalwick

Top viewed YT channel – 5 years ago – 8 million views – 100 opt ins per day, 30 optins a day 50 optins a day.
Multiple six figure launches

  • * Employee mindset to an Entrepreneurial / business owner mindset – thing you need to address FIRST before you can start to earn a big income on video
    * The Hedgehog Concept. – Jim Collins – Good to Great (Good is the enemy of great) – good with one thing – the 3 things that you need to succeed big time –
    * how to get to that “Breakthrough Point” or “Tipping Point” or “Breach Point”
    * The two sides of video marketing – the technical side and the marketing side of video marketing – create case studies, create own proof, get results.
    * the easier it is to say no to the wrong opportunities
    * 1. How to set up your “Video Domination Hub” – brand it – set it up so it’s optimized for your niche – “super critical and imporatnt thing for people to find you” –
    * 2. thing with YT is that you don’t actually own your YT channel – insurance (video blog or your squeeze page)
    * 3. build a list
    * 90% of the work is done – monetising it when
    * Providing value – one key thing (question) that you gotta think about – how can you provide the most amount of value for the most people
    * How to create value – perceived value from your audience – figure out what it is that your audience values and create it for them –
    * Optimize your videos to increase your videos
    * Why optimizing your videos is useless unless you do this ONE thing
    * Key things you should look out for – what videos people AREN’T going to watch –
    * How he gets inspiration for ideas for his videos – how to find out what sort of content will deliver huge amounts of value to your target audience
    * how to get over self-criticism – realise there are a heck of a lot of people out there – some better than you… and some worse off than you… someone who can always learn something from you
    * knowing that it affects Gideon too! (38:30)
    * it may seem simple to you, but to someone else who is new to the process, it’s worth gold!
    * What is the best camera
    * two strategies to get over the fear of getting in front of the camera
    * under utilised – the best opportunity – ppl see video as a barrier – why this is good for you…
    * Tips for getting over yourself
    * you’re going to look weird
    * you’re going to sound weird
    * way to over come – retrain your subconcious mind to get used to how you look on video and to hear the true sound of yourself –
    * processes for presenting without having to do takes – the thing about YT videos – youtube is different to TV and Hollywood… and how this actually HELPS you!
    * GREAT TIP – when people are watching your vidoes, it’s almost as if it’s a one on one conversation – it’s usually one person watching you –
    * How to be engaging – create suspense – “I’d like to reveal a secret to you, but first I’d like to tell you about this first”
    * create a “open loop” at the start of the video – doing your audeince a favour – they are paying attention to your videos
    * How to turn their video views into cash – rapid video blogging system – dominate your niche through YT
    * 7 step system

Paul O’Mahony

Twitter King
In less than a year, with his business partner Mili Ponce, he has raised over $1,100,000 in less than a year.
march 2010 – october 2010 generated revenue $1,000,000, 8 months using social media

  • * It’s about creating a database – driving traffic from twitter to sales pages – start driving all traffic to a squeeze page/opt in page – where video is so powerful it is that it converts on squeeze pages –
    * Video Marketing – squeeze page – summarised in 90 seconds why someone should give their emails – makes a massive difference
    * tested
    * first video they put in, it wasn’t even professional – increased conversion from 10% to between 40-50%
    * conversion rate drops significantly over time – should change it more often
    * How to make a huge difference in the opt in rate
    * Recommend to change it every 6 weeks or 2 months – mix up the free gifts
    * whole point of Social Media is to engage – how to raise the level of engagement and excitement – (10:00)
    * improves credibility and relationship – people come to speak to you afterwards and speak to you as if they know you – they trust you a bit more – if videos aren’t professional, it almost adds to it.
    * watching 10 yr olds in a class room – people get scared –
    * very relevant – mention the word “video” feel like a 10 yr old in a classroom, just get scared and
    * Understands that not many people want to get their face out there, especially while you’re building your confidence, you may feel as though you are not an expert in your field and it may come across (in a video) if you don’t actaully believe in yourself which will make it harder for other people to believe in you
    * 3 most important things
    * 1.  think about your audience – focus on them rather than focusing on yourself – you need to know what your audience is looking for – on average people will view a video for 10 seconds before turning it off
    * Subconciously people are thinking “What’s in it for me?” laugh, free gift – tell the person very quickly what’s in it for them
    * 2.  just put it up on YT over 1 billion views per day
    * 3.  don’t waste those videos – tag your video
    * 4.  Mistake 90% people make when uploading their videos – putting a clickable link on the bottom of youur video
    * The most common problem – they don’t get started, they get nervous, they try and be perfect – really try and be perfect
    * volume not perfectness
    * massive advantage in video marketing (YT owned by google)
    * get lots and lots of them up there – split up videos
    * the one thing to ensure that videos generate traffic – need to leverage other traffic within YT
    * Big problem ppl have – “It’s not working for me, i’m not making any money” – focus is wrong
    * The one thing that you need to focus on to actually get that break through (focus should be on solving peoples problems)
    * Focus on building your list – count how many ppl are being added to your list every day rather than how much you are making
    * 3 Advanced strategies to get onto featured videos – sneaky and powerful way of getting lots and lots, loads (stealing) traffic from featured videos in your targeted niche into your videos – thoughtful comment about the video – actual assessment of the video that people are interested in – don’t put in a link –
    * Find a social media video – Introduction to youtube and how people can access a free course on YT – not a direct response but it is very much associated with it.
    * add value by providing more content on the same topic
    * formula for posting related videos
    * Just get it don’t – don’t worry about perfection – record yourself, get it out of the system, have a laugh at yourself, perfect it if you want, but get it over – need to get over your fears – if you wait to get it perfected, you will be waiting forever. record it
    You have to take the first step the rest will go on from there

Tyrone Shum

National Level Dragon Boat Racer – selling carbon fibre Dragon Boat Racing Paddles – really passionate about it – who ended up making a six figure business
Teaching people how to outsource
100,000 views on YT channel

  • * Perfect way to convey your message – 1 visual message – build rapport, people get to know you – can’t hide your face or pretend
    * 2 you can distribute it and turn it into 3 other formats – audio, text –
    * how video can kill 3 birds with the one stone
    * 3 easiest way to create stuff – writing is difficult
    * Give free content out there – videos on how to outsource – where to find people to outsource to etc – a lot of how to – in depth, step by step
    * How to build up expert status using video
    * Create lots of How Tos
    * Conduct lots of interviews – learn about other peoples success
    * you get associated with those experts
    * Video brings in traffic –
    * 2 things to make sure you make relevant stuff – get ideas to make videos
    * ways to research hot topics in your niche to make videos about
    * Biggest Problems – time and effort to create a video – speed of getting videos done
    * get the right equipment – Kodak Zi8 – microphone – lights –
    * most important thing – make sure the audio’s fine
    * top 3 tips – high relevance – give away as much as you can – make sure the audio is good – make sure on yt put in relevant yt stuff – upload a transcript onto

Stuart Ross

Founder of the Six Figure Mentors

  • * People buy from people – picture worth a thousand words
    * Video means you can connect
    * How he can leverage videos to go on holiday – most effective way to get his message out – drastically helped you – fundamental thing you need to understand in building relationships with videos –
    * Problems – Confidence – what can i possibly share on video – have i got the ability to get the right software and equipment to make my videos look amazing – However, you can over come that because content is king –
    * video is leveraged – it’s of massive value –
    * Biggest advice to anyone – don’t be perfectionist about it – just get yourself out there
    * Tips to get your confidence up in front of the camera – start behind the camera and do a screen cast.. then go to the dining room table and go there.. give yourself some prompts – don’t script it – try not to drag out your videos – think about your core message and just get that message out there and finish your video – videos dont’ have to be so long – some of the best videos take one or two minutes but they are regular
    * Every single 7 days – make yourself presentable – set up your camera – dont’ have the excuse that you’re in your underwear, pyjamas, got to get ready or anything like that – have your camera in your pocket – be in a presentable position – say to yourself, I’m going to do videos through the course of this week – 2 a day, 3 a day 5 a day – every time you get inspiration, film a video – best time that you’d feel inspired to film a video is when you’ve just seen something inspiring so watch a self development – learn a new strategy – the moment you got that strategy, go and get your camera out and film it straight away –
    * struggling –

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